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The Lexington Police Foundations mission is to build bridges between the Lexington Police Department and its community and to support the morale and promote the welfare of officers and their families.”

Our Mission

A letter from our Chairman

As I write this, our country struggles in the midst of great social turmoil concerning relations between police departments and the citizens whose safety and constitutional rights they protect.  The results play out in the news coming from various cities.  While the issues involved are complex, a recurring theme is that all parties need to find ways to better and more rationally communicate with one another.  To me this only serves to underline the importance of organizations such as the Lexington Police Foundation, which can help achieve such goals by serving as a bridge between our police department and the citizens they’ve sworn to serve and protect.

The LPD finds itself in a period of transition following the departure of Chief Al Thomas.  This Foundation has experienced a similar transition as I attempt to fill the large shoes of former Chairman Jerry Nay.  I can pledge to you not only the Foundation’s continued support of the LPD, but also our intent to serve as a conduit for this community’s concerns, cares and continued support of their fine police department.  Thank you for your ongoing support of the LPD, through the work of the Lexington Police Foundation.

Lori Turner
Chairman, LPF

Lori Turner

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